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lust, addiction, porn,
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ancient wisdom, kama sutra
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conscious touch, awareness,
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Hello, I’m Ocean.  I am an expert teacher of tantra, yoga.  Utilizing the body’s instinct for natural pleasure and health, I facilitate mind-body healing, wellness and bliss.  I have helped many people, in real up close ways … combining decades of metaphysical and spiritual studies, a degree from Stanford, real experience and loving compassion. 

I found so many of us struggle with the very same problems and issues.  We hide these issues deep inside and imagine we are all alone.  Ironically, so many of us are suffering in the very same ways.  

I felt called to minister to the hurts of humanity, to offer my knowledge and experience, honestly and intimately, through this educational web site… Come to Ocean, Come in … Be Welcome, Be Well……………..Thank You for joining us. 

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